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Our goal is to unlock the great works of Islamic literature to the English speaking audience.
We hope to have a complete library of downloadable lessons expositing great works from the pre-Islamic era down to the modern era. These are lessons whereby the listener not only accesses the thoughts of a civilisation and tracks its development, but whereby s/he acquires the tools to appreciate the rhetorical power in these great works.These lessons are ideal for people with general interest, Arabic language students and just about anyone who wishes to expose him/herself to a tremendous tradition.


Qasida al-Burda (The poem of the cloak) Exposited
The Qasida al-Burda is perhaps the single most renowned Islamic poem sung throughout the Muslim world. Written in the eighth Islamic century by Muhammad al-Busiri, it has been widely celebrated since his day. This is perhaps the only detailed explanation of this renowned poem to-date available for download in the English language.

The lessons contain pdf files containing a simple translation with word for word translation tables, an introduction to Arabian poetry and the poetic metre of the burda followed by a detailed exposition of its ten chapters. Total lesson time is 100hours.


Welcome to Islamic Literature!

Our goal is to make great works of Islamic literature available to the general audience.